Your mortgage interest payments are likely going up. Is there a way to reduce them? Nov 28th

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OSFI considering the need for additional regulations on existing mortgages + MORE Apr 22nd

Canada’s banking regulator says it is considering whether to extend the scope of its mortgage guidelines to include existing mortgages. In its second Annual Risk Outlook released this week, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) said it will “consider the scope of .... More »
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Scotiabank “intentionally slowing” its mortgage portfolio + MORE Mar 2nd

With its new CEO now at the helm, Scotiabank has laid out its plans for a shift in focus in terms of how its funds its loan book..... More »

Could diversified funding be the latest trend for alternative mortgages? + MORE Apr 28th

As the winds of change sweep across the lending landscape, regulatory underwriting guidelines are growing ever tighter. This puts non-bank clients in a precarious position, and mortgage brokers are feeling the pressure..... More »

Is this frugal Toronto artist’s $70,000 in savings enough for her to buy a property in the U.S.? Jul 3rd

If Joy were to buy a house in the U.S., writes financial expert Jason Heath, it’s probably best she get a pre-approved a mortgage before house hunting..... More »

Scotiabank’s return to competitive mortgage pricing is “huge” for brokers + MORE Aug 2nd

Scotiabank is back. After “intentionally slowing” its mortgage portfolio last year due to funding constraints, Scotiabank has announced to its broker partners that its competitive pricing is back, along with an expanded retail package program. As Ron Butler of Butler Mortgage described, .... More »
Your mortgage interest payments are likely going up. Is there a way to reduce them?A lump-sum payment would go directly to the principle of your mortgage, meaning you’re immediately paying less interest.

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