3 sectors to consider investing in when the stock market is volatile May 3rd

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If you’re retired or nearing retirement, or you’re a younger investor who wants stability in your portfolio, where should you consider investing when financial markets are suffering? Three sectors stand out for their relative stability in tough times: health care, utilities and brand leaders. Here’s how they can buffer your retirement savings, even during market turbulence.

1. Investing in the health care sector

The health care sector has many attractive qualities, especially for Canadian investors looking to protect their wealth during periods of market volatility while achieving growth over the longer term. The reason? The developed world’s aging population, a demographic force sometimes referred to as the “grey tsunami.”

“Health care is one of the very few areas of the market that’s really well positioned for the aging population dynamic,” says Paul MacDonald, chief investment officer at Harvest ETFs. “The macro-backdrop is very strong.”

This picture includes projections from the United Nations that roughly one-third of the populations of North America and Europe will be over age 60 by 2050…

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