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Generally, savings accounts offer very low interest rates. So, if you want to earn on your deposits (rather than simply using your account as a temporary “holding tank” or directing to longer-term saving and investing vehicles), a savings account with a high interest is a no-brainer.

However, when shopping for an account, there’s more to consider than just the interest. You can make an informed decision by using the finder tool to compare the fees and features of several different options available. But do scroll down to read our seven editors’ picks for the best high-interest savings accounts (HISA) in Canada.

These are rates offered by Ratehub partners. You can find information about additional product options below.


You can compare high-interest rates in the table above or input your estimated account balance to compare the growth between HISAs, tax-free savings accounts, registered retirement savings plans and youth savings accounts.

Our pick for the best high-interest savings accounts in Canada for 2022

Best high-interest savings account rate: Saven Financial High Interest Savings Account ;Motive Savvy Savings Account
Best for interest rates and no service fees: EQ Bank Savings Plus Account
Best regular interest rate at a credit union: Maxa Financial High-Interest Savings Account
Best e-savings account: Neo Money Account
Best regular interest rate in a hybrid account: Wealthsimple Cash
Best promotional rate: Meridian Credit Union; Tangerine Savings Account; Simplii Financial
Honourable mention: Simplii Financial High Interest Savings Account
Best tiered interest product: Scotiabank MomentumPlus Savings Account

Best high-interest savings account rate: Saven Financial High Interest Savings Account*

This HISA may sneak under the radar, but once you see the rate you will be impressed…

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As inflation soars, how can I protect my retirement nest egg from losing value?The best way to fight inflation is to make sure your portfolio is earning higher returns than the inflation rate.

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