Can you survive on Canada’s government pension alone in retirement? Experts say you might be surprised + MORE May 10th

How to go about securing the best Retirement Plan in Canada.
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Can you survive on Canada’s government pension alone in retirement? Experts say you might be surprisedUntil fairly recently, CPP replaced a quarter of your average work earnings — but it’s already providing more. We asked experts what to do if CPP and OAS will make up most of your retirement income.

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I have been with the same employer for nearly 20 years and have participated in the company’s DC RPP for nearly that whole time. 

A few years back I consolidated the majority of my different investment accounts—RRSP, TFSA and unregistered—by moving them all to a discount brokerage. While I have no plans to leave my employer, I’d love to find a way to move the RPP funds to save on the fees. I’m looking to maintain the nature of the RPP but move it out into the discount brokerage so that I can take the MER from 1% or more down to 0.2% and save myself a few thousand dollars a year in fees.


It sounds like you are embracing do-it-yourself (DIY) investing, Shawn. It is not for everyone but is easier and more accessible now than ever. Saving on fees is a benefit. There are risks, though, like improper diversification, impulsive buying or selling, and not understanding a particular investment or product. 

You can make transfers between retirement accounts on a tax-deferred basis by completing paperwork at the receiving institution…

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