CPPIB grows presence in Hong Kong logistics real estate with Goodman partnership + MORE Dec 9th

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TORONTO _ The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is investing $320 million in a partnership with more than a dozen modern logistics properties in Hong Kong.
The Goodman Hong Kong Logistics Partnership, created in 2006, has assets worth about C$4.7 billion including a 50 per cent interest in Goodman Interlink _ which is co-owned by CPPIB.
Jimmy Phua, CPPIB’s head of real estate investments in Asia, said in a statement Thursday the pension fund manager wants to increase its exposure to the growing logistics sector.
He added that e-commerce will drive growth in the logistics sector “and Hong Kong is in a prime geographic position to benefit as more players enter the market.”
CPPIB invests funds for the Canada Pension Plan. As of Sept. 30, the CPP Fund had $328.2 billion under management.
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The danger of expecting too much from the marketWhen it comes time to harvest what you’ve invested, make sure your plans were reasonable or you’ll be disappointed.
What sort of return are you expecting in 2018 and beyond? In the summer, the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) and Institut Quebecois de Planification Financiere (IQPF) released an update on their projection assumption guidelines. 
While these numbers do not tend to jump around a lot, they present a great opportunity to discuss the discrepancies between what the main Canadian planning organizations are recommending, what you might thinking and what some expert practitioners are actually recommending.  The differences are stark.
Most people I talk to who do retirement planning projections use numbers that are markedly higher than what is being recommended.  Given that it is nearly impossible to reliably determine which numbers most people are using, I’ll begin with a disclaimer that what follows are reasonable guesses based on various conversations with the people who actually do projections for their clients…

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