Here’s what’s changed — and what hasn’t — in a pandemic RRSP season + MORE Jan 19th

Retirement planning getting you down? There are always smart ways to plan the financial aspects of your retirement.
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Reality-testing your financial plan + MORE Mar 16th

Q. I am contemplating changing financial planners and I just met with one who seemed very impressive. Within about three hours he had everything laid out for me: the investments I should purchase, the use of life insurance, delaying CPP to 70 and more. Still, I would like to get a second opinion bef.... More »
Here’s what’s changed — and what hasn’t — in a pandemic RRSP seasonIf you’ve been earning a good salary from a secure job, investing your savings in a tax-advantaged RRSP is a good idea. But if your income has suffered or your job security is uncertain, keeping what money you have saved in a TFSA is a better bet.

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Judith Chan, CFA
Portfolio Manager and Director of Portfolio Solutions
Scotia Global Asset Management, Scotiabank
Iris Gu
Financial Advisor, Investment and Retirement Planning, Scotiabank
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