How does a spousal RRSP withdrawal work? Feb 8th

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I bought a spousal RRSP in December 2019 and I plan to withdraw from it this week. Is it considered to be my income or my spousal income? I called CRA four times but no one could answer this question for me.—Tom

Spousal RRSP withdrawal rules: Timing matters 

Tom, the rules around the timing of spousal registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) can be confusing. If you don’t time the withdrawal correctly it may be taxed in your name rather than your spouse’s name, which is not what you want.

Let me see if I can clear this up for you and then I’ll give you some ideas on why a spousal RRSP is a good income splitting tool.

To answer your question, when you make a spousal RRSP contribution you have to wait two full calendar years, with no contributions, before you can make a withdrawal that is taxed in your spouse’s hands.

In your case, Tom, you made a contribution in Dec. 2019. You didn’t make a contribution in 2020 or 2021 which means if your spouse draws from the spousal account in 2022, he/she will be taxed on the withdrawal, not you as the contributor…

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