How non-residents are taxed on dividends and other forms of income Mar 3rd

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How non-residents are taxed on dividends and other forms of income
Q. I have been retired and living in the Philippines since 2009. I file my taxes as a non-resident of Canada. I have an RRSP, a LIRA, as well as a non-registered account with a major Canadian bank. My world income is 100% from Canada consisting of CPP, systematic withdrawals from retirement savings, and OAS to follow when I reach 65 next year. When monies are withdrawn the bank retains a 25% holdback for taxes. When I file my non-resident taxes I get a partial refund as my withdrawals to date have been minimal hence my tax rate has been less than 25%.
My question has to do with taxes being withheld from dividends earned from both my registered and non-registered stocks. The bank also deducts a withholding tax from dividends as they are paid out. I do not receive an information slip for taxes withheld from dividends. These dividend-paying funds were purchased when living and working in Canada during my long career. They are primarily held in U.S. funds. Why am I being taxed on these dividends without receiving an information slip?
Thank you in advance, Gregor

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