“I took a break from Bay Street to co-write a musical”: Myron Genyk on his money values and getting financially cut off at 20 Jun 1st

Retirement planning getting you down? There are always smart ways to plan the financial aspects of your retirement.
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Who is Myron Genyk? As the CEO and co-founder of Evermore Capital, a Canadian asset management company, he introduced target date exchange-traded funds (ETF) for those with retirement goals from 2025 to 2060. With over 15 years of Bay Street experience, Myron has worked at BlackRock Canada and National Bank of Canada, overseeing ETF markets and managing multi-asset hedging portfolios. Also, Myron is Ukrainian-Canadian, and his company is donating 100% of its revenue for three months towards Ukrainian humanitarian relief. Here’s more on his views around values, money and investing.

Who are your finance heroes? 

My parents. They are of Ukrainian ancestry and immigrated to Canada as kids from Eastern Europe after World War II. They raised me with their Old-World values. Part of that included the idea that material goods come and go—so Buddhist, in hindsight—and things should be secondary to family and education. And there was the idea of scarcity and being OK with not having everything you want…

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