Mapping out a clear path for your investments at retirement May 11th

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Is it best to own a first home as an income property or primary residence? + MORE Jun 1st

 Q. I would like to know whether it is better, financially speaking, to own my first house as an income property, or as my primary residence in Ontario. I am single, living with my parents, earn a steady income and have $80,000 in savings. I’ve already purchased a new-construction freehold townho.... More »
Q. I retired last year at age 60 and am fortunate to have defined benefit pension, which I can live off comfortably.
I have accumulated some savings, which I am now looking to invest more productively. My risk tolerance is on the low end—a 2 out of 5 based on an online survey I completed. My goal is to grow my assets “safely” and occasionally use some of the money to travel, purchase a new car and to maintain a good emergency fund.
My current asset mix includes:
RRSP – $115,000
Stocks – $15,000
GIC – $105,000
TFSA – $60,000
Cash – $362,000
I have been reading a lot of material to better understand investment options available to me but, honestly, I feel overwhelmed. I am working with a financial advisor at my local bank, but he deals mainly with mutual funds, which I understand are expensive and have not performed well versus other options. I met with a private consulting firm but didn’t feel comfortable when the manger could not explain clearly what his fees were and how he would be paid…

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