Should Pete sell mutual fund to pay down the mortgage? + MORE Mar 24th

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Annuities may offer security in uncertain timesPurchasing a better night’s sleep in retirement may come from buying an annuity.

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Should Pete sell mutual fund to pay down the mortgage?Shutterstock
Q. I have $103,490 left on my mortgage and I pay $325 bi-weekly on it @2.89% fixed rate (mortgage is being renewed shortly). I have the ability to pay off up to 15% ($18,700) of the original mortgage annually in a lump sum without fees. Should I pull money out of my mutual funds (averaging 7% annual return) to put down a lump payment? Or, keep everything as it is? I can also pay down up to double the required bi-weekly payment without charges also, so possibly increasing the biweekly payment would be better? Any advice?
Thanks, Pete
A. Pete, this is actually a common question. People want to know where their money will be most effective. You have had a low rate on your mortgage and even with renewal, it will remain relatively low. Meanwhile, your mutual funds are earning 7%.
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I do not recommend withdrawing from a higher earning investment to pay down a lower cost debt. That would not be effective and there may be other fees associated with that strategy including possible deferred sales charge fees or maybe taxes (if RRSP money is involved)…

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