Timing CPP and OAS with workplace pensions Mar 31st

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Timing CPP and OAS with workplace pensions
Q: My husband is retired military and will turn 60 this year. He’s been told by his military buddies that he should apply soon for his CPP as then he can receive it and the bridge for the next five years. I thought he should be delaying on taking his CPP but perhaps it’s the OAS he should delay? Or neither?
A: Some financial decisions can be tougher to make than others. You need to navigate advice from friends, professionals, and the media, as well as your own fears and biases. I often have people ask me very broad financial questions and my answer tends to be: “it depends.” I feel you should educate yourself and then evaluate the pros and cons, making the decision in large part based on what’s best for you. Sometimes, this differs from the advice of friends, professionals and the media. And that’s ok.
Your husband’s military buddies, Evelyn, may have made the best decision for themselves and are certainly entitled to share their opinions. These opinions help you form your own…

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