April 26 Update: Changes coming to the Scotiabank Gold American Express and Momentum Visa Infinite Cards, PC Optimum redemption bonus event this weekend & more! + MORE Apr 27th

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May 15 Update: Streaming services 3x points list for the Scotia Gold American Express Card, Alaska & El Al partner up, redeem AIR MILES Cash Miles at LCBO + MORE May 15th

I recently spoke with Scotia to find out which streaming services will earn 3x points on the Scotia Gold American Express come August 1. Here is the list that is confirmed so far: Apple MusicCineplex Digital Store Hulu iTunesKindleKobo SiriusXM SpotifyYou can learn more about this change and others .... More »

Want to Switch to Low Interest Credit Cards? Use These Tips + MORE Jun 4th

Looking for low-interest credit cards? A credit card that has a high interest rate can quickly lead to higher debt if you’re not careful. But, with a few savvy tips, you can lower your interest rate or transfer to a card with lower interest. Here’s how to get the best interest rate for your.... More »

Canada’s Best Travel Credit Cards 2019 May 21st

With a good travel credit card, travel suddenly becomes affordable. And it helps if you sign up for the right travel credit card—one that doesn’t just focus on points, but also has perks like companion flights, amazing insurance coverage and flexibility with transferring points between cards. Wh.... More »

May 1 Update: Etihad not an Aeroplan partner quite yet, Marriott entering the home rental market & more! + MORE May 2nd

Yesterday was quite the Air Canada Aeroplan day on our site with six blog posts covering Air Canada and Aeroplan (and one more today to boot!) Two of those posts, the ones looking at Market Fare Rewards and Etihad becoming an Aeroplan partner stemmed from my visits to the Aeroplan site yesterday t.... More »

Everything You Need to Know About Scotia Rewards Apr 29th

Everyday, consumers are becoming more and more savvy about finding value when they shop, and retailers aren’t the only ones responding. Financial institutions everywhere now offer loyalty programs, to entice value-conscious consumers. In this article, I’ll give you everything you need to know ab.... More »
April 26 Update: Changes coming to the Scotiabank Gold American Express and Momentum Visa Infinite Cards, PC Optimum redemption bonus event this weekend & more!If you read Red Flag Deals or Reddit you may have seen news about upcoming changes to the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card and Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card. We are working on getting more details of the changes and have a call with Scotia next week about them and will follow up with a post with all the details. It does seem the details that were leaked and revealed on RFD a couple of days ago of the changes coming on August 1st are legit. Here are the images that are being shared:Scotia is really upping their game again and really making the claim as Canada’s rewards bank more of a reality- the Scotiabank Gold American Express seeing 5x points (still capped at $50K) and No Foreign Transaction fee makes this card even better. In fact it is a big time Cobalt challenger if you don’t need to convert points to Marriott. It does surprise me as they are also now competing against their own Passport Visa Infinite Card with the no foreign transaction fee and better earning! I’m guessing Scotia wants clients to carry both cards and in reality that can make a lot of sense…

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What Should You Do With Your Tax Return?
Getting a bit of extra money is always a bonus, and it turns out the average tax return in Canada is around $1,600. In 2019 so far, the CRA reports the average tax return at $1,614. So if you get a refund, what should you do with it?  
If you decide to invest it, what’s the best vehicle? A lot depends on your appetite for risk, your investment experience and your overall financial status. Here are some basic things to think about when it comes to some of the most common options: GIC, RRSP contribution, TFSA, playing the stock market or having a little fun.  
Debt Reduction: Pay off Credit Cards   
If you have high-interest credit cards with a balance owing it might be most prudent to pay those down. Reducing high-interest consumer debt makes it easier to pay down your debts overall, and frees up money in the future for other investments.  
Playing it Safe: GICs and Savings Accounts 
A guaranteed income certificate (GIC) is just that: guaranteed. For a modest investment you’ll get back your principal and a set return…

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