Before It’s Too Late! Best Credit Card Welcome Offers of June 2019 + MORE Jun 3rd

How to go about securing the best rate and plan for your credit card in Canada.
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What is a Secured Credit Card and How Does It Work? + MORE Jun 29th

A good credit history is important for everyone. It’s a gateway to more borrowing options and the basis of a positive financial future. But what if you have no credit, or some unfortunate marks on your record make it hard to get a new card? That’s where a secured credit card may come in.... More »
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The limited time offer of 4% Cash Back on the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card has been extended to October 31 Jul 31st

The limited time increased sign up bonus for the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card has been extended to October 31. This limited time offer that was originally slated to end on July 31 provides 4% cash back in two categories that you select (three categories if you choose to deposit the cash back i.... More »
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August 21 Update: Amex Cobalt 5x points cap now in effect, bonus points for stays at the Delta Hotel Ottawa City Centre & more! Aug 22nd

Just a reminder that as of yesterday the annual $30,000 cap on 5x points for eats and drinks on the American Express Cobalt Card took effect. If you have spent that much or more up until yesterday there is no need to worry as existing cardholders get to start from $0 as of the 20th. Thereafter it .... More »

June 17 Update: Further update to our revised Cash Back Credit Card Comparison chart, Earn up to a 100EUR daily credit with Marriott's in Europe & more! + MORE Jun 18th

Earlier today we let you know that we finally revamped our Cash Back Credit Card comparison chart. As with the revamp of our travel credit card charts earlier in the year the tables were sortable but the headers weren't locked so that when you scrolled the table you couldn't see what each colum.... More »
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July 8 Update: Travel Hacking 102 Update, Flair Air now flying Toronto to Calgary and Vancouver & more! Jul 8th

Last week we updated our Travel Hacking 101article and today we updated the Travel Hacking 102 article. This article shows how you can earn 3,800 or more AIR MILES Reward Miles for free. Read the article here Ultra low cost carrier Flair Airlines is now competing on some major Canadian routes .... More »
TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card - First Year Free & 10% back on all purchases for the first three months (up to $2,000)A new limited time offer came out today for the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card. It sees the cash back rate boosted to 10% back on all purchases made in the first three months up to $2,000. That means if you spend that 2K you’ll get $200 back for it and they are offering a first year annual fee waiver on the card which means that $200 comes to you at no cost! Once you hit the $2,000 in spending or three months of having the card the earn rate returns to standard 3% back on eligible grocery Purchases and gas Purchases, and on regularly recurring bill payments set up on your Account (up to $15,000 in spend annually) and 1% on all other purchases. You must apply for the card by September 20, 2019 to take advantage of this offer.The card details below show the latest offers on this card and may not be representative of the discussion above:TD Cash back Infinite Card

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Before It’s Too Late! Best Credit Card Welcome Offers of June 2019
We usually sign up for credit cards because of special features and benefits – from cash-back earning rates to travel perks to balance transfer offers. And one feature that may make or break your decision between one credit card or another is the welcome promotion – a special bonus that adds value for new credit card holders.
You’ve likely come across credit card promoters trying to sell you on a card for a free t-shirt or kitchen appliance as a welcome gift, but great sign-up offers come in much grander forms.
A lump-sum of cash-back or rewards points, free vouchers for airport lounge entry or companion flights, first-year annual fee exemptions…
Many credit card issuers give away these bonuses as soon as your account is opened, no questions asked. However, the most lucrative bonuses may require you to fulfill specific criteria first (like spending a certain amount or making an initial purchase).
Moreover, these promotions generally run for a limited time, so before it’s too late, check out the best credit card welcome bonus offers for this month: 

Tangerine Money Back Credit Card
Apply for the Tangerine Money Back Credit Card today and earn 4% Money-Back Rewards in up to three spending categories of your choice for the first three months of cardmembership…

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New TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card offer - Up to 25,000 bonus miles and first year freeI am going to start this post off by apologizing to our readers as we had a couple of posts in the past few weeks about the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card. We told you to grab it right away and I wish I had known to even reiterate that even more. TD had let us know the new offer that was launching on today was to be the same except for a $2,000 minimum spend instead of $1,000 seen on the offer until June 2. Here is what I put in the last post:Don’t fret too much however if you still don’t know whether you should grab the card. As of June 3, the overall value of the card will remain the same however the requirement to get that value out of card will become slight more difficult, and I only mean slightly. For most people who can get this card, that increased requirement shouldn’t be a big deal. Still if you want in on the ‘best ever offer’ for this card you’ll want to apply for it by June 2.Well around 7am MT this morning we received an email from TD that they made a last minute decision to also change the welcome bonus miles on top of the minimum spend requirement…

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