'Pay It Plan It' from American Express: Fees, tips; is it worth it? + MORE Mar 7th

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May 22 Update: Netflix will be a 3x points streaming service for Scotia Gold Amex, some cards you should grab now and some you should wait for + MORE May 22nd

Last week we brought you a list of Streaming services that will earn 3x points on the Scotia Gold American Express as of August 1 and we missed Netflix on that list. We can confirm that Netflix is included. Others asked about Google or Amazon Prime and as Davidd418 commented on our post those pr.... More »

April 26 Update: Changes coming to the Scotiabank Gold American Express and Momentum Visa Infinite Cards, PC Optimum redemption bonus event this weekend & more! + MORE Apr 27th

If you read Red Flag Deals or Reddit you may have seen news about upcoming changes to the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card and Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card. We are working on getting more details of the changes and have a call with Scotia next week about them and will follow up with a p.... More »

Travel for Free: Barry’s Top 6 Tips on How to Game the Credit Card Reward System + MORE Apr 10th

To simply say I love credit cards is an understatement. Currently, I have more than 10 active cards, which is much more than the average person will ever need at once, but I use them all for a variety of reasons. When you know how to game the reward system and reap the benefits of different cards, .... More »

Everything You Need to Know About Scotia Rewards Apr 29th

Everyday, consumers are becoming more and more savvy about finding value when they shop, and retailers aren’t the only ones responding. Financial institutions everywhere now offer loyalty programs, to entice value-conscious consumers. In this article, I’ll give you everything you need to know ab.... More »

May 2 Update: Earn up to 1,000 Free Stash Hotel Rewards points, Double Elite Night Credit Offer from Global Hotel Alliance & more! + MORE May 3rd

 Yesterday we brought you the details of Stash Rewards bonus points offer for stays at the Harrison Beach Hotel in B.C.. There is also another offer to make you aware of where you can earn up to 1,000 Stash Rewards points absolutely free. You simply need to suggest new independent hotels to .... More »
If you have an existing high credit line with the same bank, it may not be so generous with additional credit accounts.

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“Pay It Plan It” is a flexible payment option offered by American Express in some personal credit cards. Is it worth it? Here’s everything you need to know, including fees and tips.

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