Reminder: Two weeks left to grab the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card with 4% cash back + MORE Oct 18th

There are more credit card options in Canada than you can shake a stick at! Stay on top of the best rates and plans right here.
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Paymi Review - Get cash back for shopping at retailers with any of your regular credit cards + MORE Jan 15th

Paymi is a new-style rewards program similar in vain to Drop Rewards and Ampli that “focuses on putting cash back into consumers’ pockets”. When members make purchases with Paymi partners—whether in-store or online—they are automatically credited with cash back for their purchases. It giv.... More »

January 15 Update: How to earn 54,000+ Aeroplan Miles for free, new CIBC card offers & more American Express Cobalt Card Confirmed Multiplier Locations Jan 16th

Today we updated our Travel Hacking 101 post with the latest offers from TD, CIBC and RBC. Find out how you can earn Earn 54,000+ Aeroplan Miles or 24,000 British Airways Avios for free. Learn more here.Along with the CIBC Aerogold offer listed in the updated post above there are new improved wel.... More »

Amex Shop Small promotion returns for March - earn $5 credits or 300 bonus Membership Rewards points + MORE Mar 3rd

Amex's awesome Shop Small offer is back again for this month!  Last seen in November & December the offer once again does not have a dedicated landing and registration page for four cities in Canada. The offers are actually listed in the Amex Offers section on the Amex Canada app or onli.... More »
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Should You Use a Balance Transfer to Help Pay Credit Card Debt? + MORE Jan 9th

Many Canadians have high credit card debt. The prospect of paying off those balances can seem overwhelming. So, when a 0% balance transfer offer comes to your attention, it might be tempting. But how does a balance transfer work exactly? It can be an effective way to pay off debt, if used in combin.... More »
October 17 Update: Targeted Aeroplan bonus offer for Auckland flights, 1,000 bonus points at Delta Toronto extended and fly Avianca to Latin America from $629Check your email for a targeted Aeroplan bonus mile offer to fly on Air Canada’s new route to Auckland, New Zealand! What’s interesting this time is the bonus counts on both revenue or Aeroplan award tickets! In fact the bonus is bigger on award tickets! There is no landing page for this offer as we now see with targeted Aeroplan offers. You need to see if you have it in your email and click the link in that email to register for it.Book your flight on and earn:5,000 bonus miles on selected Economy Fares10,000 bonus miles on Premium Economy Fares15,000 bonus miles on Business Class Fares OR For each Air Canada Fixed Mileage Flight Reward or Market Fare Flight Reward redeemed on, get miles back: 10,000 miles back on Economy Class15,000 miles back on Premium Economy Class20,000 miles back on Business ClassWe see the 1,000 Bonus Marriott Bonvoy Points offer for stays at the Delta Hotel Toronto extended to Marriott offer extended to December 1st. Learn more here…

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It’s Time to Get Smart about Your Credit
October 17 is National Get Smart About Your Credit Day and there is no better time with the year end and holidays approaching, to sit down and review your finances. Whether you have debt or not, take this opportunity to evaluate how you manage your credit and where there could be room for improvement.

Your Credit Score

How well do you know your credit score?
How do you improve your credit score?

Credit Cards

How does a credit card affect your credit score?
Does having a joint credit card affect your credit score?
Why is using a debt calculator important?
Budgeting 101

Help to Manage Your Debt

Your Credit Score
Credit scores reflect your current and historical financials. Lenders use them to determine how much credit they extend to you. They may even use your credit profile for something as simple as purchasing a cellphone plan. That’s why it’s important to start off on the right foot.
In Canada, credit scores are tallied using the FICO (Fair Isaac Credit Organization) formula…

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Reminder: Two weeks left to grab the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card with 4% cash backThe limited time increased sign up bonus for the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card will be come to an end in two weeks on  October 31. This limited time offer provides 4% cash back in two categories that you select (three categories if you choose to deposit the cash back into a Tangerine savings account) for three months. After that period the rate returns to the regular 2% in your selected categories and 0.5% on all other spending.These are the spending categories you can choose from to earn the higher cash back rates:Once, one of the best cash back cards out there the current version of the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card is now somewhere in the middle of the pack for cash back cards but the earn of 4% (and then 2%) on certain categories might just make the best sense for some of you!! The card details below show the latest offers on this card and may not be representative of the discussion above:Tangerine

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