September 30 Update: U.S. airlines collected over $1.5 Billion in checked bag fees last quarter – here’s how you can avoid some of those dreaded fees! Sep 30th

How to go about securing the best rate and plan for your credit card in Canada.
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October 4 Bonus Offer Highlight: Double Elite Night Credits with GHA Discovery, World of Hyatt Lindblad Expeditions partnership is here & IHG Points+Cash Discount offer + MORE Oct 4th

GHA Discovery has launched their semi-annual Double Elite Night credit offer. This lesser known hotel loyalty program is offering double night credits for the remainder of the year, registration is required of course. GHA Discovery has five hotels in Canada that participate in the program and ov.... More »

Earn 500 Bonus Aeroplan Miles for Best Western stays this fall Oct 3rd

We see the Aeroplan Best Western bonus fall to 500 miles for the fall. This is 250 less miles than we saw over summer but is still better than nothing! With the 250 base miles you'll earn 750 miles per stay. You do have to be a Best Western Rewards member with your earning preferences set to Aerop.... More »
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October 7 Update: Maximizing the elite status benefits from The Platinum Card from American Express and YYC's Chinook Lounge will close down when WestJet's lounge opens + MORE Oct 7th

Back in 2016 and again in 2018 we wrote some blog posts that highlight how you can use the elite status benefits from The Platinum American Express Card to get yourself even more status memberships. The posts are very popular but tend to get buried in quickly in the flurry of blog posts that we d.... More »

10 great Marriott Hotels in Canada to use your anniversary free night award from the Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card + MORE Oct 19th

The Marriott Bonvoy™ American Express® Card comes with a great sign up bonus when you first get the card along with a great everyday earn rate but it also has a decent offer for holding on to the card beyond your first year. Upon your card's anniversary you'll receive a free Marriott Annual Fr.... More »
September 30 Update: U.S. airlines collected over $1.5 Billion in checked bag fees last quarter - here's how you can avoid some of those dreaded fees!Airline fees are ones that all travelers hate – doesn’t matter if you are once every two years flyer or once every day flyer it seems that there can be a fee for anyone. From checked bags to seat selection and more, airlines now seem to charge for almost everything. The latest report that came out this month is that U.S. airlines netted over $1.5 Billion dollars in checked bag fees alone in the last quarter! (Source The good news there are ways you can save on airline fees without being a top tier elite member in an airline’s frequent flyer program and that is with select credit cards in our market. We cover all of those in our special feature entitled “Credit cards that help you avoid those dreaded airline fees”. In this feature we have cards that save you on checked bag fees, seat selections fees and more. We also look at how you can use points from select cards to help offset fees that are charged.Just a reminder that you can earn 10,000 PC Optimum points when you sign up for text alerts from Shoppers Drug Mart and spend $40 or more at SDM…

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