The Ultimate Flight Companion Pass Credit Card portfolio + MORE Nov 27th

There are more credit card options in Canada than you can shake a stick at! Stay on top of the best rates and plans right here.
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February 28 Update: Air Canada renews partnership with American Express for the new loyalty program, World of Hyatt adds 57 more SLH Hotels & WestJet's 23rd birthday sale + MORE Mar 1st

Air Canada has renewed their agreement with American Express to have Amex issue cards in the new loyalty program plus continue on as a Membership Rewards partner!! Yay!New premium American Express card products to launch with Air Canada's new loyalty program in 2020 10-year deal will provide continu.... More »

While the BMO World Elite Mastercard provides up to $540 in tangible value, it provides intangible value as well + MORE Apr 26th

In our past series of posts for the BMO World Elite Mastercard we focused on the a dollar value that the card can provide to you when you apply and are approved for it. To recap, that dollar value is up to $540 in the first year of having the card, broken down as suchWelcome offer: Get 35,000 points.... More »

New WestJet video with Gerry Dee takes a stab at Air Canada and Aeroplan Dec 18th

Earlier this month WestJet Rewards released a video collaboration with Canadian comedian Gerry Dee about the uncertainty of airline travel reward programs:While not specifically implied, you can tell they are taking a stab at Air Canada and Aeroplan and what is going to happen to the program come 20.... More »

Home renovation: More credit cards are rewarding home-related purchases Feb 19th

A growing number of credit cards now cater to homeowners and interior design enthusiasts by offering significant rewards in exchange for home-related spending..... More »
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Should I ask my issuers to reduce my credit limits after my debt is paid off? + MORE Jan 24th

Lower credit limits can hurt your credit score if you continue to carry balances on your cards after paying off your current debts. If you have less available credit, your credit utilization ratio will increase more quickly as you use your cards..... More »
The Ultimate Flight Companion Pass Credit Card portfolioImage courtesy of British AirwaysToday we released the 15th Ultimate Credit Card Portfolio on Rewards Canada!In this feature of Rewards Canada’s Ultimate Credit Card Portfolios we look at the ultimate one for those who like to travel with companions and want to save on that travel. This portfolio looks at credit cards in the Canadian market that offer companion pass vouchers. That is, a benefit where you can buy one ticket (or redeem miles for a ticket) and get a second ticket for free or at a reduced price. Of course the cards included offer other benefits beyond companion passes that should also be taken into account when selecting cards. So with that said what are the best choices for a companion pass wallet? Read the complete feature here to find out!Find all our Ultimate Card Portfolios here!

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The holiday shopping season is prime time for earning credit card rewards – if you shop strategically. Taking advantage of special bonuses and gift cards can help.

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If you’re a small business owner looking for ways to save on client and employee gifts this holiday season, you can leverage credit card rewards. Here’s how to use them right.

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