What do I do if my credit card rewards are stolen? + MORE Feb 13th

There are more credit card options in Canada than you can shake a stick at! Stay on top of the best rates and plans right here.
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TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card: Earn 9% on gas, grocery and recurring bill payments for the first 3 months (up to $3,500 in spend) + MORE Mar 24th

A new offer came out some time ago for the relatively new TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card that we are just getting caught up to now. This new offer see the removal of the first year annual fee waiver and the introductory offer move from 6% on all purchases to 9% on gas, grocery and recurring bill pa.... More »
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Can immigrants transition from ITIN to SSN without hurting their credit score? + MORE May 3rd

Replacing an ITIN with a SSN shouldn't have a major effect on your score, but you must ensure that your credit profile has been updated successfully.... More »

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It’s no secret that acquiring debt can cause grief and anxiety. But whether it’s for an unplanned financial emergency, an upcoming renovation or a needed major purchase, there are some situations when taking out a personal loan makes sense. A personal loan can be easier to apply for in comp.... More »
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Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite* Review + MORE May 15th

Attention MoneyWise readers! Sign up for the Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite* card and, for a limited time, get $75 IN CASH via Interac e-Transfer or a gift card from RateSupermarket.ca upon approval! Are you looking for a well-rounded, high-earning cash back credit card with travel perks and no a.... More »

How card rewards rescued my family's vacation May 13th

My family and I were set to travel to Spain over spring break, but a passport snafu nearly forced us to stay home. Here's how miles and points saved our vacation plans..... More »
The degree to which cardholders successfully use credit card rewards varies considerably by generation – and not necessarily in ways we may expect.

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Thieves don’t just target your credit line, but they can also get to your rewards. Take some safety precautions to make sure you don’t lose what you’ve earned

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