Why The Platinum Card from American Express is the best card to use for booking WestJet flights + MORE Feb 4th

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Credit Card Perks: Extended Warranty and Purchase Protection + MORE Jun 12th

When you read up on the particulars of credit cards, you might notice the terms “extended warranty” and “purchase protection.” Sometimes referred to as extended protection, purchase security, or purchase assurance. Most glaze over these perks and focus on points or rewards associated with t.... More »

A Rare Fast Radio Burst has been Found that Actually Repeats Every 16 Days - Universe Today + MORE Feb 12th

A Rare Fast Radio Burst has been Found that Actually Repeats Every 16 Days  Universe TodayNewest FRB Could Be A Rosetta Stone  SETI InstituteUnknown source in space is emitting repeating radio signal - Insider  INSIDERMysterious radio signal from space is repeating ever.... More »
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American Express Centurion Lounge in Los Angeles set to open on Monday + MORE Mar 7th

The next American Express Centurion Lounge is set to open in Los Angeles on Monday. This is the 12th Centurion Lounge and third to open up this year after Phoenix and Charlotte. Los Angeles is a popular destination for Canadians and the airport itself plays an important connection point for many of .... More »

National Bank Customers Can Now Make International Transfers by Mastercard and Interac + MORE Jun 8th

National Bank, one of Canada’s largest and oldest financial institutions, is offering its users a more natural way to send money abroad, thanks to the new feature announced by the bank in May. The new International Transfer by Mastercard and Interac is a joint, cross-border solution for Canadians.... More »

AIR MILES and Shell introduce Shell Go+ - an opportunity for all cardholders to earn more AIR MILES Reward Miles + MORE Jul 14th

AIR MILES gave us a quick teaser last week that collectors will be able to earn more miles with Shell and details would be revealed this week. Those details are out now with the new initiative being called Shell Go+ and it is described to us by AIR MILES as "provides access to a full suite of member.... More »
February 4 Update: Aeroplan Costco partnership ending, Rexall launching own loyalty program and will drop AIR MILES, save up to $1,000 on Air Transat packagesThe partnership between Costco and Aeroplan will come to an end on April 30. We also noticed that Primus is gone as an Aeroplan partner as well. Air Canada does really seem to be going back to it roots with Aeroplan (or whatever the new program will be called) and moving it back to a frequent flyer program rather than a coalition program as the number of non-travel or non-credit card partners is really being whittled down. Find out more about Costco and Aeroplan here. Please note that you will still be able to redeem Aeroplan Miles for Costco gift cards beyond April 30. Also on the loyalty program news front – Rexall is going to launch their own loyalty program on May 1st. As of that date they will no longer participate in the AIR MILES program. This just reiterates what we said in our podcast episode 63 and here on the blog that it really appears the model for coalition loyalty programs is past it’s peak. For many retailers now it makes more sense to run your own loyalty program as the costs associated with doing so have really come down from years ago…

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Why The Platinum Card from American Express is the best card to use for booking WestJet flightsEarlier this year I let you know about how we used The Platinum Card from American Express to save thousands of dollars on some last minute WestJet flights, read all about that there. At the time of booking those flights I thought this is a pretty good deal – even if we didn’t redeem points. Then after I wrote the redemption story it really confirmed in my mind that The Platinum Card is the best card on the market for booking WestJet flights with – yes even better than the WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard. Don’t get me wrong – the WestJet Card is an amazing Card that both my wife and I hold in our wallets thanks to its benefits but outside of select scenarios we’ll stick to using the Platinum Card for booking WestJet flights via American Express Travel.Here’s why the card is best the to book WestJet flights with:One of the benefits of the Platinum Card from American is the International Airline Program. This benefit provides discounts for premium travel on a whole bunch of airlines including WestJet…

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