4 Low Risk Alternatives to Chequing Accounts Jan 27th

Insurance policy getting you down? There are always sound insurance alternatives.
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4 Low Risk Alternatives to Chequing Accounts
Investments like stocks, mutual funds, or cryptocurrencies carry some level of risk which you might shy away from for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re saving for college, getting ready to buy a house, or nearing retirement, if you’re looking for safer investment options, here are some of the most common low-risk alternatives for Canadians.
Savings Accounts
While large, traditional banks may only offer minuscule interest rates, some high-yield savings accounts will pay you a reasonable rate of return. Newer, online-only banks offer savings accounts that pay as much as government bonds. Examples include EQ Bank, Motusbank, and Wealthsimple, which each pay at least a 2% annual interest.
High-interest savings accounts can be a great investment option because your cash is liquid—this means you can withdraw your funds whenever you chose without penalty. Plus, savings accounts are insured for up to $100,000 by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, so you won’t lose your money if the financial institution fails…

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