5 tips for saving money on insurance costs Oct 14th

There are more insurance options in Canada than you can shake a stick at! Stay on top of the best policies right here.
Saving money on insurance isn’t as big of a task as you might think. At first, it can feel overwhelming to navigate your insurance bill, looking for ways to reduce your premiums (and future costs too!). But the truth is, by making simple changes to your insurance policies and as well as handling a few tasks on your own end, you can reduce the amount you pay for insurance coverage. Here’s how.
Bundle up!
Bundling isn’t just for phone and cable services; your insurance provider should reward you for bundling up your home and car policies. Not only does it make your life easier—you’ll have a single payment and one place to renew your policies—but you can also get discounts too. For example, Ontario insurance provider Onlia* offers 10% off auto when you bundle it with your home insurance. And if you have more than one car, you save another 10%. It’s like a loyalty program that gives you the discounts upfront. 
Get on schedule
Owning a home–or even a condo–should come with a manual…

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