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What is landlord insurance?

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Landlord insurance, true to its name, is a type of policy for people who rent out a room, an apartment or a house to tenants. Also known as rental property insurance, it has some key differences from home insurance—the biggest one being coverage for loss of rental income, in the event that your property becomes temporarily uninhabitable.

Landlord insurance vs. home insurance

Home insurance protects a homeowner, and landlord insurance protects the landlord. While that may seem intuitive enough, it can get more complicated if you rent part of your home or another home.

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Does your home insurance cover you if you rent out part of your home?

Your home insurance policy may be suitable for renting out part of the property where you live (say, a basement apartment). Typical home insurance protects the dwelling, detached structures on your property, personal property (your stuff—not that of tenants) and liability for personal injury or damage to other people’s property caused by you, your family and/or your pets…

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