Before you buy, here’s how to compare home insurance Aug 8th

Insurance policy getting you down? There are always sound insurance alternatives.
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Home insurance is important, but no one loves paying for it. That’s why people like to open their browsers and search for “cheap home insurance” and “how to save on home insurance.” 

Any insurance professional will tell you that there’s no easy answer for cheap and full coverage, as it’s really about finding the best plan for your needs. But it can be done. You have to do your homework. Shop around. Compare quotes. Luckily, there are a few hard and fast rules to keep in mind when comparing home insurance quotes. 

How to compare types of home insurance policies

While you don’t need home insurance by law, as you do with car insurance, your mortgage lender or landlord will often require it. Home insurance experts will tell you that the key to getting the best plan in terms of cost and coverage is to shop around and compare policy offerings from company to company. In your search, these are the main kinds of coverage you’ll come across:

Comprehensive: This is the most inclusive type of policy, covering sudden and accidental occurrences involving buildings and personal property, as well as liability…

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