Before You Sail Off: Independent vs Cruise Line Insurance for Protecting Your Trip Jun 20th

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Before You Sail Off: Independent vs Cruise Line Insurance for Protecting Your Trip
Booking a cruise comes with a few crucial decisions. How long you want to be at sea, which ports you’d like to visit, whether you’d like an adventure-filled experience or you simply want to relax in the sun; these are a few of the choices you’ll make as you design your trip.
While it’s not as exciting to work through decisions about insuring your cruise experience, it’s just as important to the overall quality of your excursion. The cruise line offers travel insurance and it may seem like purchasing coverage through them is the easiest way to check this item off your vacation to-do list.  But it’s a good idea to shop around and compare rates and options for independent travel insurance as well, before you commit.
Understand what’s included
Be sure to read the fine print carefully before making your final decision. In many cases, trip insurance offered by a cruise line is actually a cancellation waiver. These provide an advantage to the cruise line by restricting trip cancellation reasons to those specifically covered…

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