Can life insurance be used as a fixed income investment? Dec 21st

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Q. I am 55 years old, recently finished a four-year battle with cancer, and will be retiring soon. I have a healthy portfolio, consisting of 60% in blue-chip stocks and 40% in fixed income, which will look after my husband’s and my financial needs in the future.  I also hold a $2-million life insurance policy that I pay approximately $15,000 per year for. 
I am considering switching the policy to a guaranteed payout upon my death, but that would put the annual premiums up to around $35,000 per year. Because I hold 40% of a large portfolio in fixed income, I’m thinking this would be a better alternative as the rate of return from my insurance policy would be much higher than I could achieve in fixed income. 
Curious if you have had clients in the past whom this made sense for. I know my advisor will earn a lot on this policy, and I wanted to get your Coles notes on whether this would or could be something to consider.
A. Congratulations on beating cancer, Dana. You refer to your battle in the past tense, so I assume that means you’re in remission now…

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