CitiBank Cuts Travel Insurance On Credit Cards Jul 6th

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CitiBank Cuts Travel Insurance On Credit Cards
Canadians with Citibank cards may enjoy the benefits that come with it, including travel and insurance perks. But as of September 22, 2019, Citibank has announced it is slashing those benefits – particularly the ones associated with travel.
The benefits that will no longer be honored are worldwide and domestic perks, include travel, baggage, and emergency benefits:

Citi Price Rewind
Trip cancellation and interruption insurance
Worldwide car rental insurance
Trip delay protection
90-day return protection
Missed event ticket protection


Baggage delay protection
Lost baggage protection


Worldwide travel accident insurance
Travel and emergency assistance
Roadside assistance dispatch service
Medical evacuation

These cuts to benefits could make it worthwhile to shop online for other cards to obtain travel benefits. While it remains unclear what spurred the change on Citibank’s end, some speculate their recent and expensive acquisition of a partnership with Costco has played a significant role in the decision…

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