Do I Really Need A Health & Dental Insurance Broker? + MORE Oct 2nd

How to go about securing the best policy for your insurance in Canada.
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What you need to know about third-party liability insurance in Canada Oct 10th

Third-party liability insurance is mandatory coverage for all drivers in Canada. It offers protection for drivers if they’re at fault in an accident and the other party is hurt or even killed. This is mandated at a provincial level, and all provinces require a minimum of $200,000 in third-party in.... More »

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The COVID-19 outbreak has dealt a shock to our economy, shuttering entire industries and leaving many more businesses in limbo, forcing layoffs and loss of income on many people. Fortunately, the Canadian government and several other institutions are offering financial relief for Canadians during th.... More » Will Become RATESDOTCA
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We are receiving an overwhelming amount of inquiries about supplementary health care insurance to compliment provincial plans.  In particular, most people are interested in continuing coverage during a career transition.  
If you are exiting an employer sponsored benefit plan be sure to contact your health insurance broker as soon as possible to ensure the easiest and most affordable transition.  
With a second wave of COVID 19 looming on the horizon, it is worth taking a look at what you and your family are protected for from a healthcare perspective. 
Each Canadian province and territory has its own policies and standards for coverage when it comes to health insurance. 
While basic healthcare needs are largely covered by the Government here in Canada, there are still many medications and medical treatments that citizens must pay for with their hard earned salaries and savings. 
To fill the gap, supplementary health & dental  insurance exists to ensure families across our great nation are protected and well supported when in need…

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