How life insurance can shave your capital gains tax + MORE Sep 24th

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On tax reform, Donald Trump gets it done—and takes a moment to gloat Dec 21st

U.S. President Donald Trump, flanked by Republican lawmakers, celebrates Congress passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on the South Lawn of the White House on Dec. 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) You can’t spell “triumph” without T-R-U-M-P, and so here was the.... More »

Saskatchewan deficit down to $595M, aiming to balance by 2020: fiscal update + MORE Mar 3rd

REGINA _ The Saskatchewan government’s latest fiscal update shows a dip in the provincial deficit forecast and a slight slip in provincial revenue and expenses. The third-quarter report projects the 2017-2018 deficit will be $595 million _ down $101 million from the red ink outlined in the las.... More »
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Estate planning considerations for single parents Nov 23rd

If you are a single parent, here are key questions you should consider: 1. Are your estate plan and related documents up to date? The death of a spouse or separation or divorce generally triggers a significant change in intentions on death. If you are widowed or if you no longer want your for.... More »

Protecting Legal Fraud in Florida Jan 22nd

Republicans in the state Senate try to block insurance reform..... More »
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I lost my home in a fire. Can I tap my LIRA to cover costs? Nov 19th

Q: My house was burnt in the Fort McMurray fire. I am now unemployed and my husband and I are struggling to make the mortgage payments on top of our rent payment. Our savings are now drained as well as money received from insurance—the town house was part of a condo and is being rebuilt. We have.... More »
National Bank of Canada says a website error may have exposed the personal information of nearly 400 of its customers, including their names, birthdates, phone number and email address.
The Canadian lender says in a statement the problem related to an electronic form on its website and did not expose clients’ banking information, social insurance numbers or addresses.
The bank says a customer filling out an online form to make a branch appointment may have been able to see the data entered by a previous user.
National Bank says it was notified earlier this week about the problem, which lasted a few days.
The lender adds the incident was the result of human error while setting up the online form, and was resolved immediately.
The bank is contacting the nearly 400 potentially-affected customers to offer free credit monitoring.

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How life insurance can shave your capital gains tax
Q: My husband and I bought life insurance in 2008. At that time, I was 44 and a non-smoker, and he was 46 but a former smoker. Each of us is insured for $250,000. The monthly premiums have been a total of $142.50 since we took out the policy—$58.90 for me, and $83.60 for him. In 2018, when my husband turns 56, his premiums will increase to $307.33 per month. This seems unreasonably high.  My premiums don’t increase until I turn 64, at which point they increase to $387.60. I am the primary insured on the policy, and he is included as a spouse. We both have life insurance policies with our employers—mine is about equal to what this policy would pay and my husband’s is less, although he plans to either fully retire or semi-retire in 2018. Our home and cottage are both paid off and we have no debt. Our three children are in their 20s, out of the house and mostly self-sufficient, and we have saved about $450,000 for retirement so far. I have a DB pension plan and he has a DC plan…

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