Life insurance for kids: Do you really need it? Jul 23rd

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Buying life insurance for kids is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re in the throes of diaper changes and round-the-clock feedings. But the early stages of parenthood don’t last forever—and it’s never too early to start planning for your little one’s (or ones’) future.

We’re not just talking about planning their first birthday party or saving up for school with a registered education savings plan, either. It may be uncomfortable to think about, but it’s worth considering life insurance as a way to prepare for even the worst what-ifs. 

“Life insurance is about the people who are left behind,” explains Lorne Marr, director of business development at Hub Financial and founder of LSM Insurance. “You have to think of it as a financial instrument that will give you time to grieve. You don’t want to have to rush right back to work if a child passes away.”

A life insurance policy for kids isn’t only about the end of life, either. The right plan can have lifelong advantages…

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