Rising rates are good news for near-retirees seeking longevity insurance + MORE Jul 3rd

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How to find affordable home insurance Jul 11th

Affordable home insurance: Does it even exist? According to Ratehub.ca, an aggregator website, the average Canadian household pays $960 per year, or $80 per month, for home insurance. That’s a lot of money when you consider all the other costs that come with owning and maintaining a home.  .... More »
For years, low interest rates have been a boon to borrowers but a curse to older investors wanting low-risk interest income options. Now, after a decade of minuscule rates, interest rates are starting to inch back up again: another 0.5% as of June 1st. That’s good for GIC investors (guaranteed investment certificates), as we covered in my recent column on the alleged “death” of bonds.

This is also welcome news for retirees seeking so-called “longevity insurance,” even if it’s probable that the same forces at work are also depressing stock prices. In other words, the time may be fast approaching when near-retirees and full retirees start to consider annuities.

Are fixed annuities a safe investment?

I’ve written about annuities from time to time over this low-interest journey, but it never got to the point for me to pull the trigger personally and buy life annuities. It’s generally a bad time to annuitize when interest rates are low. And it’s worse in periods of high inflation…

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How much is home insurance?

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Home insurance is a type of coverage that protects your home and its contents from damage or loss. By paying a monthly or annual premium, you are assured that both the interior and exterior of your home—typically a person’s most important and expensive investment—will be covered by your insurance company against certain insured losses or damages.

Although home insurance is not mandatory by law in Canada, many lenders will require proof of insurance at the time of signing or renewing your mortgage. You may wish you could forgo this expense, but the truth is having home insurance protects you from having to dole out a large amount of money all at once, especially when it’s unexpected. If you’re looking to get insured, you should review and compare home insurance quotes from different insurers. 

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How much does home insurance cost?

The average cost of home insurance in Canada is $960 per year (equal to $80 per month), according to Ratehub…

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