Tech Entrepreneur Lauryn Vaughn Is Changing the Resale Fashion Game Jul 15th

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Tech Entrepreneur Lauryn Vaughn Is Changing the Resale Fashion GameMy entire career has been about using technology to sell upscale consignment clothing. But my starting point was in traditional fashion: When I was a commerce student at the University of Calgary, I landed an internship with the designer Paul Hardy. That was my introduction to retail behind the scenes, like sourcing materials and marketing products.

While I was travelling abroad with Paul to show his collections, I fell in love with Paris. I moved there in 2009 when I graduated from university. I lived on savings because my French was never good enough for me to get a job. I didn’t want to compromise on style, so I got into buying vintage clothing. I still have a pair of ivory Chie Mihara pumps from my time there.

Vaughn in her Calgary showroom

After two years in Paris, I ran out of money and came home to Canada. My aunt was working at a consignment store in Calgary, which sparked an idea: I could bring consignment shopping to a wider market by taking it online. I started to build my first company, an online luxury consignment retailer, from my basement while I was working full-time at an insurance company…

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