The different types of home insurance—which one do you need? Jan 7th

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Over the course of your lifetime, you’re sure to find yourself in different living arrangements. From your childhood bedroom to eventually purchasing your own house (and all the fun stuff in between), our different homes reflect the transitions of our lives. From the moment we start to live alone to our final home purchase, we need different home insurance coverages to keep us protected.
In this guide, we’re breaking down the types of home insurance coverages you’ll need throughout your life—starting as a renter, moving on as a homeowner and then potentially renting out your home or cottage on a short-term basis.
What is tenant insurance?
Ah, the glory days. You’ve either just moved out of your parents’ house or you’ve finished school and are looking forward to your very own space to call home (posters and hand-me down furniture included). At this point in your life, you may not think you own enough stuff to warrant protecting it with insurance. However, when you take a moment to think of all the things in your apartment that have some value—your TV, your computer, clothes, kitchen equipment, etc…

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