This Year’s Best Credit Cards for Travel Perks Dec 10th

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This Year’s Best Credit Cards for Travel Perks
For the avid traveler, there are a few things you can’t go without – your passport, travel insurance, and a good travel rewards credit card.
Those who travel pretty often already know – the opportunity to gain rewards with a good travel credit card are hard to resist. You can easily earn deep discounts on flights, accommodations, and more.
General rewards credit cards offer points or cash-back rewards for particular spending categories (gas, grocery, pharmacy purchases, etc.) But a good rewards card maximizes on your everyday purchases and ultimately helps you save, instead of forcing you to make purchases in specific categories you wouldn’t usually.
And when it comes to travel rewards credit cards, the best ones come with a flexible, easy-to-comprehend redemption process with few restrictions.
A great travel rewards credit card should also include travel insurance coverage – from trip cancellation and baggage delay coverage that can offset costs when your itinerary doesn’t go as planned, to medical insurance that can cover you in case you become injured or sick while abroad (international medical bills can become ridiculously expensive)…

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