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How to go about securing the best policy for your insurance in Canada.
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When you write a will, it is your opportunity to ensure your final financial and other wishes are carried out by your executors. given how many people have no will at all, I am happy to see technology is making it easier to prepare and sign a will without having to leave home. But there are circumstances where a little creativity may be worth considering, and that generally requires guidance from an experienced estate lawyer. 
I often talk to clients about estate planning, and sometimes those discussions involve planning for a meeting with a lawyer. Here are a few ideas to fuel your own discussions.
If you have young kids
The math I like to bring people through is meant to help them to understand the value of their estate. This is generally calculated as:
Value of estate = (assets + insurance) – (debt + income tax + estate costs) 
Real estate values are so high in some cities that estate values have risen considerably, even for middle class families. However, insurance is also a big consideration…

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Purchasing tenant insurance is kind of like purchasing an extra turkey for your holiday dinner. We’re glad we have it on hand in case something goes wrong with the first one, but we hope we never have to use it.
Tenant insurance is often purchased before you move in to a new place, with the intention that if anything goes wrong—say your toilet floods or a neighbour trips over your stylish shag carpet and hurts themselves—your insurance policy will cover the cost of the damage.
Many policyholders will never have to submit a claim. They can simply rest easy knowing they’re covered in the event of any what-ifs that may arise in the future.
Should something go wrong, and you do find yourself in the position to file a claim, we’ve prepared a quick guide, providing you with insider knowledge on how to best prepare to submit a tenant insurance claim.
Read your tenant insurance policy
Although many insurance policies tend to be long and filled with hard-to-understand legalese, it’s important to know exactly what you’re covered for and what you’re not…

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So, you’ve finally purchased that second property and you can’t wait to start renting it out. As you fluff the pillows and iron the curtains, it might be a good idea to start thinking about how you want to keep your property protected as you start to invite other into it.
When listing a property on a home-rental website, like Airbnb, you’ll notice that you’re covered under something called a “Host Guarantee.” This guarantee is designed to alleviate some of the stress that comes with renting out your personal property, offering protection in the event that something gets damaged or destroyed during the rental period. Sounds easy right? Let’s take a closer look.
Is your home listing with Airbnb insured?
If you look at the terms and conditions of the Host Guarantee, Airbnb states that this guarantee does not cover you for everything that may happen during the time you’re renting out your property. In fact, it acknowledges that this “guarantee” is not an insurance policy and encourages renters to purchase an insurance policy to cover any loss that is not within the terms…

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