What to Do After Your Identity is Stolen? Apr 17th

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What to Do After Your Identity is Stolen?
Identity theft is a global crime where your personal or financial information is stolen to commit fraud in your name. It leads to severe financial and legal struggles. Identity thieves look for any of the following information:

Full name
Social insurance number (SIN)
Driver’s license number
Home address
Mother’s maiden name
Credit card information
Username and password of online accounts
Health card number
Passport number

A combination of this information can be used to commit a wide range of identity theft crimes.
How do you know if your identity is stolen?

If you receive calls from collection agencies about unfamiliar financial accounts
Inquiries from unfamiliar companies seeking personal information
Notifications from credit cards or banks stating that they have accepted or declined a credit application, you did not issue
Credit card statements reflecting unusual purchases

An effective way to catch it early is by monitoring your financial accounts and getting credit reports issued by two national credit bureaus, Equifax and TransUnion, at regular intervals…

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