At midday: TSX rises despite slip in energy stocks + MORE Oct 11th

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New IMF report warns of Canada’s high debt levels + MORE Oct 12th

In the new report, the International Monetary Fund says these dynamics in Canada’s private non-financial sector leaves its economy more sensitive to tighter financial conditions..... More »

Calgary 20 something engineers revive investment club concept to talk stocks + MORE Nov 10th

Some see it as a throwback to another era, but a group of 20-something Calgary engineers say they heartily recommend membership in an investment club after running one for three years. A well-worn copy of a Canadian Investment Institute book called “How to Start and Run an Investment Club for .... More »

Before the Bell: Futures rise after solid US, Canada job reports - The Globe and Mail Mar 9th

The Globe and MailBefore the Bell: Futures rise after solid US, Canada job reportsThe Globe and MailU.S. and Canadian stock index futures moved higher on Friday after solid jobs reports from both countries. The Canadian economy added 15,400 jobs in February after a massive loss in January, thanks to.... More »
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CIBC financial adviser says she does 'daily harm to customers', disputes finding in banks probe + MORE Apr 23rd

A financial adviser for CIBC says her entire branch was 'disheartened' by a recent report by Canada’s banking regulator, that said it did not find widespread misselling to customers..... More »

CPP earned 11.6% on your pension money this year + MORE May 17th

The people who invest the Canada Pension Plan's money earned a return of 11.6 per cent in the past year once all the costs were paid, enough to boost the fund's total assets by almost $40 billion..... More »
Wall Street flat; financials drop ahead of earnings

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Wall Street sluggish at the open as earnings kick off

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