U.S. Futures Edge Higher; Treasuries, Dollar Gain: Markets Wrap – Yahoo Finance May 22nd

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Is building an emergency fund more important than other financial goals? Jun 1st

Q. I am 51, single and have no dependents, with many working years ahead of me. I earn about $70,000 annually at my tech job. Due to life circumstances, my finances are not in the best shape. I have $6,000 in emergency fund savings in a high-interest savings account, $16,000 in an RRSP ($70,000 cont.... More »
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What type of insurance does a home-based business need? + MORE May 25th

Q. I am starting up a small business where I will manufacture, market and sell my own products online. I will use a room in my home as an office. What type of insurance do I need? –Paul A. Hi Paul. An insurance policy protects you against defined risks. Although I haven’t seen your home insuranc.... More »

What’s involved in moving investments from a high-fee advisor to a DIY setup? May 28th

Q. I have been concerned about high fees charged on my investments and have been trying to figure out a way to move my funds without getting hit with a huge tax bill. I started with mutual funds and today I have a 60% equity and 40% income balanced portfolio plan. My last statement shows about 5% re.... More »

Is it best to own a first home as an income property or primary residence? May 30th

 Q. I would like to know whether it is better, financially speaking, to own my first house as an income property, or as my primary residence in Ontario. I am single, living with my parents, earn a steady income and have $80,000 in savings. I’ve already purchased a new-construction freehold townho.... More »

Should you update your financial plan given recent volatility? May 22nd

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing wide-ranging impacts on people’s investments, jobs and businesses. There are events that may trigger significant personal changes for someone’s financial planning, but COVID-19 has caused sudden changes for many people all at the same time. Investments For those .... More »
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