How it works: Capital gains tax on the sale of a property Mar 31st

How to go about securing the best return for your investment in Canada.
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Capital gains. Even the mention of these two words together can immediately conjure myths about owing 50% of the money earned from selling a home to the government. But, like most rumours, it’s only half true. 

Every week, our inbox is full of letters from readers asking how to avoid the capital gains tax. They want to know how to work the system and keep more money in their pockets. Listen, it’s valid to want to hold on to the money earned off of the sale of a secondary residence (cottage, second home) and an investment property (rental or commercial property). But the idea that you’re forking over half your money simply isn’t true. The need to dispel this rumour is what inspired this guide to capital gains on the sale of property, which will answer the most common questions with our most popular articles on the topic. 

And while we cannot show you how to avoid taxes (it’s one of two things you can’t avoid in life—death is the other), I can share insights on how to use any Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules in your favour…

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