How to Attract Top Talent—and Keep Them + MORE Jun 9th

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After eight years on the marketplace, the Wealthsimple brand has developed a strong reputation for offering easy-to-use, low-fee financial services online. But it’s come a long way since its humble beginnings exclusively as a robo-advisor, branching out to include a discount brokerage (Wealthsimpl.... More »

B.C. announces 3-day cooling period for home sales to reduce risk for buyers - Jul 21st

B.C. announces 3-day cooling period for home sales to reduce risk for buyers  CBC.caB.C. homebuyer protection period announced amid real estate crunch  CityNewsB.C. announces consumer protection policy for homebuyers in competitive market - BC News  Castanet.netB.C. sla.... More »

The best five-year fixed mortgage rates in Canada 2022 + MORE Jun 29th

Mortgage rate comparison After consecutive years of record-low interest rates in Canada, we are entering a period of rising rates—which makes the cost of borrowing money, be it for a mortgage or a student loan, more expensive. The possibility of more rate hikes can make the stabi.... More »

Making sense of the markets this week: June 12 Jun 10th

Kyle Prevost, editor of Million Dollar Journey and founder of the Canadian Financial Summit, shares financial headlines and offers context for Canadian investors. Five-Dollarama  In an otherwise quiet North American earnings week, investors looked to the Dollarama (DOL/TSX) earnings call .... More »
It’s no secret. After a banner year for tech company investment, a push to digitize businesses in response to the pandemic and the so-called Great Resignation, employers are scrambling to hire and retain skilled tech employees. A recent KPMG Business Outlook Poll suggests that nearly 80 per cent of Canadian respondents said they needed more employees with tech skills, but 68 per cent were having a hard time finding enough workers to help them grow. 

But forget Friday happy hour and free lunches (because, seriously, can anyone stomach having a drink with colleagues over Zoom anymore?). To lure new hires, it’s all about remote positions, generous salaries and signing bonuses according to global human resource consulting firm Robert Half data. Therein lies the rub—at least for start-ups and scaling companies competing not only with local corporations with deep pockets, but with competitors around the world. Suddenly, engineering graduates with shiny degrees and experienced leaders alike no longer must live near Silicon Valley to work in Silicon Valley…

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What’s a credit card balance transfer? Can it save you money?Many Canadians carry debt on their credit card, perhaps resigned to paying the high interest rate they agreed to when they opened their account. What cardholders might not realize, however, is that compound interest—meaning interest charged on interest—can quickly bloat a modest debt load into a financial burden.

If you’ve been chipping away at a credit card balance but feel like you’re not really making a dent, you may want to consider a new strategy: making a credit card balance transfer. In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of credit card interest and how to use a credit card balance transfer to keep your debt load under control.

How credit card interest is calculated

When you use a credit card, there’s an APR, or annual percentage rate, that’s applied to purchases or other services like cash advances. With many cards, this rate hovers at around 19.99%. As the name suggests, this is an annual percentage rate, but credit cards are charged monthly—so you’ll need to do some math if you want to know your daily or monthly rate…

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