What is a market-linked GIC? Nov 27th

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What is a market-linked GIC?

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If you’ve been checking out GICs lately, it’s likely because of the record gains from recent interest rate hikes. Interest rates for guaranteed investment certificates have steadily increased as the Bank of Canada (BoC) has raised its benchmark rate over the past year and a half. At some financial institutions, the rate for a one-year GIC has climbed to 5% or more, reviving Canadians’ interest in these conservative, predictable investments in a big way.

If you like the safety of GICs but also want exposure to the stock market, there’s a type of investment for that: market-linked GICs. These investments guarantee the return of your principal along with a minimum interest rate, while also providing limited exposure to stock market movements.

How market-linked GICs work

Unlike a traditional GIC, a market-linked GIC is tied to a particular stock market index—like the Canadian S&P/TSX 60 or the American S&P 500. This gives investors an opportunity to benefit from market gains to a limited extent…

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