What you need to know about REITs Dec 1st

TSX getting you down? There are always sound investment alternatives.
I crouched down to see the ants crawling along the baseboard, coming together in a living insect puddle near the side door. I assured my tenant I would handle it, and called the pest management company to take care of the problem, giving them my credit card number and a few hundred dollars in the process. 
Every few months something like this crops up in the investment property I own, whether it’s weeds taking over the backyard, a stove malfunctioning or a faucet leaking. And in every instance I have to take time away from work, assess the situation and more often than not, pay for it to be fixed. 
I’m lucky that the monthly rental income covers maintenance issues like this, along with my other carrying costs. Still, this kind of real estate investing comes with its fair share of headaches and has required continual injections of my time and money.
It stands in sharp contrast to my experience investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs, where I simply purchase shares, take a nap and collect juicy dividends…

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