BREAKING NEWS: M3 Mortgage Group Acquires VERICO + MORE Sep 22nd

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OSFI announces strictest mortgage rules ever… what you need to know. + MORE Oct 19th

HARDER TO QUALIFY WITH 50% DOWN THAN WITH 5% DOWN.. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? October 2016, our Federal govt announced a number of new mortgage rules including the infamous new ‘stress test’ for all insured mortgages.  Mortgage default insurance is required for all mortgages greater than 80.... More »
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Canadian real estate market outlook 2018 Jan 8th

Romana King is an award-winning personal finance writer, a real estate expert and speaker. She is the current Director of Content at There’s never a dull day in real estate. Last year started off with a big nervous question: Will the Canadian housing market crash? In 2018, the new year.... More »
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10 ways to save more and pay down your debt + MORE Nov 27th

1. Set a goal If you’re serious about saving you need to set a goal so you know what you’re saving for. Whether it’s a trip to Japan you hope to take in a few months or saving for retirement, having a very specific goal will help you stay motivated and on track. 2. Track your dollars.... More »

Growing Trend: Buying Real Estate with Family and Friends + MORE Oct 25th

While it’s fairly common for those in tight rental markets to have a roommate to help split the rent, an emerging trend is buying real estate with a family member or friend. Faced with high home prices in big cities and tougher mortgage rules, including a new stress test on uninsured mortgages, it.... More »

CMHC looks to Airbnb in bid to boost withering supply of affordable rental units + MORE Oct 4th

OTTAWA _ Canada’s housing agency is looking to an unlikely ally in a bid to boost the stock of affordable rental housing: Airbnb. The head of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., says he believes short-term rental companies like Airbnb and Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) could help increase .... More »

BREAKING NEWS: M3 Mortgage Group Acquires VERICO


It’s one of the biggest broker channel acquisitions in Canadian history. M3 Mortgage Group is buying broker network VERICO Financial Group. M3, which already owns Multi-Prêts, Mortgage Alliance, Invis and Mortgage Intelligence, will control an estimated 40+% of the broker market when this is done. The group’s combined submission volume will exceed $40 billion, making […]

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There’s rising uncertainty among borrowers as lenders hike rates to reflect rising bond yields. Here’s how to tilt the odds in your favour

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