California's Mortgage Raid + MORE Sep 24th

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Equitable Casts Giant Reverse Mortgage Lure for Brokers Oct 22nd

What do you do when your competition has a 32-year head start? If you’re Equitable Bank, you pay brokers 150% more than normal. That’s the surprising move Equitable has made to build momentum in its reverse mortgage business. This degree of compensation is virtually unprecedented in this sector..... More »
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Let's Throw a Patent-Burning Party Oct 1st

When a drug goes generic, it’s as if society has paid off a mortgage..... More »

Is the Gov’t Stalling on Your Tax Return? Here’s How I Handled it! + MORE Sep 28th

Did you file your 2017 taxes on time, yet your NOA is MIA? If so, you’re not alone! I’ve had this happen with a few of my clients… as well as with my own tax return! That’s right! My accountant filed my personal tax return in April… and for months, I didn’t receive my NOA. Every tim.... More »

Brokers: How to Stay in Touch with Your Clients Oct 13th

It’s a mortgage broker’s job to remain in touch with their clients. But because years can pass between dealing with these clients, and perhaps for a lack of organization skills, that doesn’t always happen. Unfortunately, when it’s time to refinance or renew the mortgage, these fo.... More »

California's Mortgage Raid


California's Mortgage RaidJerry Brown and the Legislature refuse to honor a court order.

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Here’s part II of my summary of last week’s Digital Mortgage Conference in Las Vegas. (See Part I here) If attendance figures are any guide (1,500 this year versus 750 two years ago), the quest to digitize mortgages is becoming more urgent than ever. But surprisingly (or not), just 3% of conference attendees were from […]

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