How Canada’s Small Businesses Can Create Resilient Futures Oct 14th

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How Canada’s Small Businesses Can Create Resilient Futures

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Adam Kirsh, AVP Salesforce Canada
Instead of ‘doomscrolling’ — otherwise known as obsessively checking social media for negative stories about the pandemic and the economy — I’d suggest taking the time to look at a Canadian small business like Alta West Capital.
The Calgary-based alternative mortgage lender was like a lot of other companies that had to quickly equip its team to work from home. It faced the same uncertainty as everyone else. One of the big differences was that it was already grappling with additional challenges, like new industry regulations, on top of dealing with COVID-19.
Alta West Capital’s response was to innovate by creating an underwriting module in a piece of software that makes it easier to capture and manage all its customer data. It also deployed other technology that allows its team to reach out to customers and check in with the click of a button…

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