How do credit card payment deferrals work during COVID-19? Apr 19th

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If you’re dreading your credit card bill, you’re not alone. According to the Bank of Canada, 30% of us carry a balance from month to month, accruing interest, on average, at an eye-watering 19.99%. Simply put, we’re in the red, with an average of $23,800 per Canadian owing on credit cards, lines of credit, loans and other non-mortgage debt, according to Equifax Canada.
Those stats are from the end of 2019. Since the COVID-19 pandemic took effect, Statistics Canada reports that more than one million Canadians lost their job in March, taking the unemployment rate from historic lows to 7.8%. The job loss is a decline not seen since the 1980s. 
What does that mean to our day-to-day financial lives? One in three (34%) Canadians are worried that they may miss rent or a mortgage payment or have to borrow money, according to an Angus Reid survey, released March 25. In addition, the survey found that 37% of households who have experienced job loss say that they aren’t equipped to handle an extra $100 expense in the next 30 days…

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