Preparing for the next wave of renewals: Manulife’s unique solutions + MORE Apr 24th

Mortgages in Canada can be a murky subject – one that we hope to shed some light on with a series of highly informational articles.
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CMHC exceeds 2023 housing goals despite economic headwinds May 12th

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation surpassed its 2023 housing targets despite difficult economic conditions and internal financial struggles..... More »
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Why are fertility treatments so expensive in Canada? + MORE May 15th

Being unable to have a child naturally can be extremely difficult. But when you factor in the high costs of fertility treatments, the range of individual circumstances and the fact that the industry itself is secretive about fees, it can make the whole ordeal even more devastating and hard to plan f.... More »

How much income do I need to qualify for a mortgage in Canada? + MORE May 18th

After several years of sky-high borrowing costs, mortgage rates are (finally!) starting to ease up. That’s great news for cash-strapped Canadians currently shopping for the best mortgage rate—but it unfortunately hasn’t translated into improved affordability when buying a home. The national.... More »

What mortgage professionals can expect at the upcoming MIC trade show Apr 30th

ONMICA is hosting its latest annual MIC Trade Show and Seminar in Toronto on May 8..... More »
The mortgage industry is in the midst of a transition in Canada, and Manulife is ready to evolve with it.

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Equifax Canada testing use of rental payment data for credit scoresEquifax Canada is exploring how rent data could factor in to credit scores to help make credit and financial services accessible to more people.

The agency said it has been testing small volumes of rental payment data to assess its suitability.

An Equifax study found that including “alternative data” could establish or enhance the credit scores for millions of Canadians.

“Equifax Canada has been leading the way and has been modelling how rental payments, just like mortgage payments, can help build a credit score,” Equifax Canada president and CEO Sue Hutchison said in a news release. 

“This is so important for young Canadian consumers, new Canadians and other underserved consumers.”

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