TD reports strong mortgage volumes and stabilizing amortizations + MORE Aug 27th

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Can a first-time home buyer have a mortgage co-signer? + MORE Sep 17th

If you’re in the market for your first home but need help coming up with the financing, you do have some options, including asking someone to co-sign the mortgage. Involving a third party is probably not what you envisioned for home ownership, but recent interest rate hikes and rising real estate .... More »

CIBC sees “no areas of concern” as 100,000 mortgage clients renewed at higher rates so far this year + MORE Sep 14th

CIBC reports that its mortgage clients are so far managing to absorb the payment shocks as their mortgages come up for renewal at higher rates..... More »

OSFI calls stress test “incomplete,” seeks to address “problem” of fixed-payment variable-rate mortgages + MORE Sep 8th

It's no secret that Canada's banking regulator has its sights set on fixed-payment variable-rate mortgage products. And OSFI chief Peter Routledge reiterated that point during a speech today..... More »

Can you pay off your debt while saving for retirement? + MORE Sep 2nd

Ask MoneySense We are a blended family. My husband, at 50 years old, owns a home with a $330,000 variable-rate mortgage. He rents it out for $3,400 per month, which covers the mortgage plus about $1,000. He’s also maxed out his $50,000 line of credit. He has $200,000 in an RRSP and has a company p.... More »
Despite a sharp slowdown in mortgage originations this year, TD reported continued strong volume growth of 4% in the second quarter.

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