The Latest in Mortgage News: BoC’s Affordability Index reaches worst level since 1991 Aug 15th

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Is Canada’s mortgage stress test still relevant? Aug 24th

Earlier this month, the Bank of England scrapped its mortgage affordability stress test. With mortgage rates presumably approaching their peak for this rate-hike cycle, some are wondering if changes to Canada's stress test are overdue. .... More »
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My mortgage payments are approaching my trigger rate. How will this affect my mortgage and what should I do? Nov 7th

Experts say the key is to be proactive and prepare your finances well before your entire mortgage payment is going towards paying just the interest..... More »

Over half of mortgage borrowers concerned about renewals Nov 1st

A new survey has found that 53% of Canadian mortgage borrowers are concerned about the prospect of higher monthly payments at renewal time..... More »

How to prepare for a 2023 recession + MORE Nov 19th

The Great Recession scarred me. I was just about to graduate from university in 2008 when it hit: The fallout from the subprime mortgage crisis created a deluge of fear, anxiety and pure panic from all corners. The S&P 500 plunged by 57%, U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) declined by 3.8% and em.... More »

The latest in mortgage news: OSFI has no plans to loosen the stress test Sep 17th

Despite today's mortgage borrowers having to qualify at rates in excess of 6% and 7%, Canada's banking regulator said no changes to the stress test are imminent..... More »
Housing affordability deteriorated to its worst level in over 30 years, according to data from the Bank of Canada.

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