The Latest in Mortgage News: New Data on Financial Distress in Canada + MORE Jun 29th

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The internet is great for researching infomation, ratings and even advice. With so much available data, it’s hard to decide which is accurate, reliable or even truthful. Take this site for example. If this is your first visit then you may not be aware of all my credentials nor how accurate .... More »

Latest in Mortgage News: Homeownership Becoming a “Pipe Dream” for Millennials Dec 9th

A growing number of millennials are resigning themselves to the fact that homeownership may be out of reach for them, according to a new poll. Nearly three quarters (72%) of millennials say they have a goal of owning a home, but nearly half (46%) admit that goal is a “pipe dream,” accord.... More »

Latest in Mortgage News: New Immigrants Driving Housing Demand Oct 28th

The growing demand for real estate in Canada is being driven largely by newcomers, who are making one out of every five home purchases in the country, according to a new survey. New immigrants to Canada (defined as those who have arrived within the last 10 years) represent 21% of homebuyers and are .... More »

How Your Cell Phone Can Keep You From Getting the Lowest Mortgage Rate + MORE Nov 27th

Despite what you may have heard, your cell phone payment history does affect your credit score. Cell phone accounts work differently than a credit card or a line of credit. A cell phone is an open or “O” account, which means the balance has to be paid in full at the end of each month. [&.... More »
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What You Should Know About Collateral Charge Mortgages + MORE Aug 7th

I recently had clients who were refinancing their mortgage completely reject a very attractive offering from one of the big chartered banks. Their reasoning? All of this bank’s mortgages are registered as collateral charges, and all of their online research into this topic spooked them complet.... More »
What You Need to Know About Ending Your Mortgage Early
According to mortgage industry experts, more than half of Canadians end their mortgages before maturity. The reasons they may choose to break their mortgage vary: finding better interest rates, needing home renovations, changing family composition, moving for work, or kids going off to university. If you choose to break your mortgage outside of your renewal period, you will pay a penalty. So, when does it make sense to end your mortgage early and how does the process work?
How are mortgage penalties assessed?
Mortgage penalties are intended to compensate lenders for the money they’ll lose if you break a mortgage contract. The majority of mortgages can be broken, including fixed and variable rate mortgages. Penalties are usually less if you’re breaking a variable mortgage. The penalties for breaking a fixed-rate mortgage can be high enough that it won’t be a good financial choice to break a fixed-rate mortgage simply to refinance.
Variable rate mortgage penalties are straightforward…

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A Rate War on Canada Day?


A Rate War on Canada Day?
I’ve never seen more competition with mortgage rates in my 30-year career than I have in the first five months of 2019!
Rates are under 3%!
On May 10th, a new jobs report was released by the federal government showing 106,000 new jobs created in the month of April. This blew away all expectations. And, the reaction was immediate, including higher mortgages being imminent and a bull stock market on the horizon… and yet, this didn’t happen.
Even this unexpected positive economic news could not stop the more common belief that our economy and the economies of the world were not on fire. This was most likely a one-time thing.
The following week, we didn’t see the normal rate spikes that would typically follow this positive economic news. Instead, we saw wholesale mortgage rates drop a little further. This is due to lower bond yields, which lead to lower fixed-mortgage rates. Lower yields reflect reduced investor confidence in Canada. Bad news for Canada, but good news for mortgage consumers…

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A significant number of Canadian households reported being late on a debt payment or missing it entirely, according to a new report from Statistics Canada. The 2016 data from the agency’s Survey of Financial Security shows that more than 1-in-10 Canadians (11%) with some form of debt reported skipping or making a late non-mortgage payment. […]

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